Security and privacy for your
entire family

Protect your Windows PCs, Macs & Android Devices

Malware Scan and Removal

Begin with a thorough search and cleanup of your systems for hidden hazards. Removes malware from your system. Removes viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, and other malware.

AI Threat Defense

Safeguards against viruses, malware, trojans, worms, bots, unwanted programs, and other threats, including those that have yet to be discovered.

Ransomware Protection

Protects your personal data and images against being encrypted and held for ransom. Stops ransomware and restores any impacted files to their original state.

Management of Security

It safeguards all of your gadgets. Protect up to ten Windows and Mac computers, as well as an unlimited number of iOS and Android tablets and phones.

Protection of Personal Information

Prevents unauthorized use of your webcam. Encrypts your keystrokes, making it impossible for fraudsters and keylogger software to intercept what you’re entering – such as logins and passwords.

Web Security

Blocks malicious or compromised websites, including phishing sites, to ensure safe surfing, banking, and shopping. Increases browser security and automatically analyzes downloads.

PC Antivirus in Real Time

Detects suspicious viral activity and leverages our huge Labs database to keep your PC safe against viruses, malware, trojans, worms, bots, unwanted programs, ransomware, and other threats.

Web Filtering for Parents

Allows you to exercise parental control over the web material that your children may view on a computer. Simply choose your filtering categories and let us handle the rest.

Premium Assistance

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, live email and chat assistance is available. In addition, our knowledge base help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About Us

Consider all of the many ways you use the internet. Banking, shopping, conducting business, listening to music, keeping up with current events, and connecting with friends and family are probably on that list.

While increased connection makes many elements of our everyday life simpler, it also increases our vulnerability to theft, fraud, and abuse. Learning how to keep safe online is more crucial than ever.

Web Security Home is a leading expert in providing critical information to families to keep their home computer networks safe and secure from various security and privacy risks. 


Our  mission is to provide resource content covering a wide range of topics critical to the security and safety of your home computer network. These areas cover virus, malware and ransomware protection, data security and privacy, wireless security, android device protection, parental web blocking and hacker protection.


Our vision is to be the most authoritative source for answers to critical concerns that will assist families in making educated decisions about safeguarding their home security networks.

Our comprehensive, in-depth resource guides, which are available here on the Web Security Home website, are intended to provide exactly that.

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